Combination (Research and Motor Method) Octane Rating Unit FTC-M1/M2 is a complete system for determining octane number of motor fuels, conforming to ASTM D2699 (ISO 5164) and ASTM D2700(ISO 5163) Standard Test Method.


The Combination Octane Rating Unit FTC-M1/M2 provides the capability to switch between Research
Method(RON) and Motor Method(MON) easily.
With either method, testing capabilities cover the 40-120 octane number range.



ASTM D2699 (Research Method)

ASTM D2700 (Motor Method)
ISO 5164 (Research Method)

ISO 5163 (Motor Method)
IP 237 (Research Method)

IP 236 (Motor Method)


SINPAR Automatic Reference Fuel Blending System is used for the automated preparation of cetane and octane reference fuels and standardization check fuels for Octane Engine and Cetane Engine.


ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700,  ASTM D613
High Precision
A high precision balance is used for gravimetric measurement to improve precision of octane/cetane test results.
Simple Operation
Built-in touch-screen panel with easy-to-use software simplifies the blending operation process.
Accuracy and Efficiency
Automatic calculation program controls the whole blending process to eliminates human error and improve the efficiency of cetane/octane testing.